2007 Prevost H345 Detrolt ZF Bus DTK #6534-4860
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Location: Indianapolis, IN
Quantity: 1
Model: H3-45
Brand: Prevost
S/N: 2PCH3349671010647
Overall Condition: Good


Engine: Detroit
Transmission: ZF TRANSONIC
Mileage: 701369
Bus is in starting running condition
General Appearance of equipment: Ok
NOTES: Body is ok
Glass or windows damages: minor chips
Windshield wipers condition and performance: Good
Warning buzzers functioning
Mirrors Condition: Ok
Interior Condition (Clean Dirty or Damaged) Ok, clean average condition
PAINT (ANY BODY DAMAGES OR SCRATCHES) - Needs work. Rough body on rear and corners
Engine Appearance (Oil Leaks Present?) Ok, Very dirty and greasy engine. Normal for age
Body Condition, rough on the rear and corners
Lights all around, equipment condition: Ok
Steer tires good and rear tires: Ok
Engine Starts and Runs:
Axle Two Tires: SEE PHOTOS
Engine Noise Normal (Cold/Hot & High/Low Speeds)
Suspension Visual Condition: Good
Axle One Tires: Good
Engine Accelerates and Cruises Properly/Smoothly
Engine Starts Properly
Engine Belt Condition: Good, belts just replaced
Auto/Manual Transmission/Transaxle Operation: Good
Wheel Visual Condition - Operating to factory specifications
Axle Three Tires: See Photos
Steers Normally
Engine Idles Properly


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