ACS appraisers are certified by the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and have over twenty-five years’ experience appraising diverse asset types. Those types are the same as, but not limited to, the equipment types enumerated on the “Equipment for Sale“ list.
Appraisers are assisted in determining real-market value (as defined by the ASA) by an in-house remarketing team.


ACS inspectors are experienced in various asset types, evaluating the equipment condition, verifying correct serial numbers and other essential identification.


Our repossession/recovery group is a quick response team, securing clients’ assets with minimal expense while working within the legal system.


ACS’ remarketing personnel is an experienced sales group whose expertise in the art of negotiation is enhanced by the leverage gained from its knowledge of equipment values.

Marketing Strategy

Upon completion of recovery, ACS will orderly liquidate the assets using Asset Control Services multiple disposition channels (on-line marketplace, pre-qualified buyer network, and various advertising media). Our advertising strategy will include:

  • Telephone: ACS has a long history of selling the referenced assets. Our sales personnel will contact our database of buyers, helping to bring awareness to the offering and further facilitate a competitive environment.
  • Newspapers: Ads will be placed in major local papers in cities that are close in proximity to where the assets are being stored.
  • Trade Publications: Advertisements will be placed in industry specific trade journals.
  • Blast Email Campaign: Drive more reach and awareness to the marketplace
  • ACS Website: Specs, photos and pertinent information regarding the assets will be available, along with a mechanism to provide further information, receive and respond to buyer’s inquiries, receive bids, make counter offers and facilitate the sales process.


Selling assets through an auction process is the last resort for the ACS remarketing team. The auction process is only used if the time frame to sell is very short (thirty to sixty days), or there is a very large quantity of assets.

If the auction process is deemed necessary, the ACS team will put in place an on-site and web- cast auction. This includes advertising the sale to the proper buyer base, ensuring maximum exposure, and realizing the optimum result for the client.